Transforming Today’s House Into Tomorrow’s Home Sale!

Ideal Home Advantage (IHA) Is Your One-Stop-Shop to Take Your House From “FOR SALE” to “SOLD” in the Quickest Amount of Time and for Top-Dollar!

Are you worried about selling your home in today’s unstable housing market? Do you realize you need to do something to maximize your most valuable asset, but don’t know what to do or where to start in order for it to bring your asking price.  The process can be intimidating and frustrating. At IHA, we believe that home-sale success starts with three basic steps:

1. HOME ASSESSMENT utilizing “buyer’s eyes” to constructively review the condition of the home

2. PREPARING the home for sale inside and outside through project management and staging

3. MARKETING your beautifully staged home utilizing professional photos

IHA Is More Than a Typical Home Staging Company!

FIRST, we conduct an objective, comprehensive inspection of the home; detailing any item(s) of concern that could possibly be a “sticking-point” with potential buyers.  Statistically, a home that sits on the market because of “issues” loses its new listing buzz and ends up selling for a lower price down the road if the concerns are not addressed prior to listing.

SECOND, we offer Project Management/Outside Contractor Coordination Services.  This benefits the homeowner by taking away time-consuming task of researching and overseeing various contractors that may be needed to update or repair the property.  For the realtor, having a service such as this eliminates the need for them wear many hats.  Often they are expected to provide this service, which may or may not be their forte and is time consuming as well.  This service will allow the realtors to what they do best….list and sell homes!

THIRD, we utilize an eight-step FEEL HOME process which includes measures to: eliminate clutter, emphasize the home’s positive attributes, modernize and depersonalize the home to appeal to the largest market, create WOW factors with up-to-date décor, concentrate on landscaping to ensure great “curb appeal” – all to guarantee a great first impression.

Consider Ideal Home Advantage.

We are here to give you the ADVANTAGE over your neighbor’s house that is also for sale. We are experienced homeowners/sellers and buyers too. We’ve been there. We have felt your pain, your worry, the cost of carrying two mortgages, divorce, relocation, etc. We are insured, trained and certified stagers by the only nationally accredited staging training program recognized by the National Association of Realtors. We’ve staged homes that have gone under contract three days after staging. Our Staging Program WORKS!

Our Mission

Sidebar Home SoldIdeal Home Advantage’s (IHA) mission is to transform today’s house into tomorrow’s home sale.

IHA works diligently with homeowners and realtors to prepare homes for sale.  We coordinate necessary contractor services and professionally stages both the occupied and unoccupied home, inside and outside, with the most attractive, up-to-date furnishings and decor to compliment the home’s style in order to appeal to the largest market.  We provide professional grade photos to utilize in marketing efforts. The result – a quicker sale for the highest price.

In addition, IHA offers homeowners, who desire to stay in their homes, but wish for a “home overhaul,” redesign services that incorporate fresh new ideas, furnishings, and upgrades that will improve the quality of living.

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